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ok for first highlight vid 27% (4)
9/2/10 7:01:22PM
here is my first highlight i made, figure make one of a fighter know one has seen a highlight of, so made a james McSweeney HL.


9/2/10 7:43:55PM
James nice highlight but your never going to sniff the UFC title. Remember that time Rashad put you in a triangle at Jackson during training? Sniffing his balls was as close as you are going to get to that belt.
9/2/10 8:20:51PM
lol why are saying that like i am james.
9/2/10 10:21:47PM
I figured only he could think he would ever be the UFC 205 champ
9/2/10 10:28:39PM
the beginning was just to keep people interested in watching wasnt meant to be taken seriouslly
9/3/10 2:37:39AM
it was alright. seems like you could do some very good highlight vids if you started with somebody that is actually a good fighter. champ? i dont think so. mcsweeny will never see a 5 rnd fight in the ufc.
9/3/10 2:59:38AM
yea beginning wasnt meant to be taken seriouslly, i thought it was ok for my first one, also i tweeted the vid to mcsweeney he liked it
9/3/10 7:18:58AM
Thats cool dude. Keep having fun pump out some more and post em I'll watch.
9/3/10 8:57:57AM
im thinking my next would be a dominik cruz, jorgenson or pettis highlight
9/3/10 11:48:58AM
all would be good
9/3/10 2:04:41PM
if you can make Mcsweiner look this good you are the man....
Beware Shogun?
I might steal your car while I am parking it for you!!!

that dude that looked like sweeney in the white shorts looked bad ass cool

9/3/10 8:07:14PM
All I can say is pick a better fighter to HL. Mcsweeny isn't that great of a Kickboxer or he would have made in impact in K-1. And now he isn't even that good of an MMA fighter!
9/3/10 10:57:41PM
the HL turned out good so i dont know about that, i wanted to make one no one seen yet to many of the same Hl out there
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