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1/26/07 11:16:12AM
I thought he appeared more focused last night. Lightning fast transition into the armbar!! He was cocky and overconfident on the show. I think we may see a new Short Fuse!!! Any thoughts??
1/26/07 11:22:12AM
It's amazing what a new hairstyle and shave will do for your image. He looked like a born again fighter. Can't wait to see what's next.
1/26/07 11:25:35AM
I think he always had it in him, he was just way too cocky and forgot that anyone can beat anyone on any given day. I guess I didn't get the best impression of him as a person from his season on TUF, but maybe he will stand a chance in the MW division. A little too early to tell, but he's with a good team at Quest, (You can't ask for much more than Randy, Lindland, Hendo, etc) and that was a pretty slick armbar he threw on him. I guess we shall see.
1/26/07 11:27:22AM
Man, Herman went above an beyond my expectations. I did notice one change, his hair was longer. Maybe he's got the Samson thing going on!!!
1/26/07 11:28:43AM
LOL, love the Avatar!!
1/26/07 12:33:37PM
It's rare to see such a fast transition into the armbar in a real fight.. It happens alot in practice but to do it in a fight is totally diffrent... The guy tapped immediately!! Fight of the night.. Rashad's kick was bad ass too
1/28/07 2:36:46PM
Ed Herman is a good fighter, he had a razor thin decision lost t okendall and he just under estimated J Mac, i think he could be in the top 10 ufc middleweight esspecially when hes training with guys like henderson, lindland sonnen, leban and couture.
1/28/07 2:44:31PM
I don't know...I think Chris Price didn't train very hard and that's why he was so overweight it's hard to decide if it shows things to come or not. If he wins his next fight in similar fashion then maybe I'll start beliving in him.
1/28/07 2:51:15PM
ya hea appeared more focused cuz if he lost he would be gone. he was really overrated and it showed when he lost to kendall, macdonald.
1/28/07 3:06:42PM
Herman and Leben tie for my least favorite fighters. Leben is so overrated imo. I can't stand to listen to either one of them. It's one thing to talk crap to everyone, but you have to back it up when you do. Maybe Herman won against Price, but he has a LONG LONG way to go to get on my good side.
1/28/07 4:25:43PM
I thought he looked really thin, maybe it's the hair , but did he look skinny to anyone else? I sure wasn't expecting that fast armbar though.
1/28/07 4:34:45PM
Yeah Ed Herman did AMAZING against his last opponent. That armbar was ******* SWEEEEET. YOu don't see those kinda subs much anymore, and htis is coming form a former Ed hater.
1/28/07 4:46:38PM
After his image makeover, he now looks like someone from the movies. Not the bad guy at all. Someone who would be more likely to have the part of the bouncer at a bar.
1/28/07 10:23:59PM
I like watching him fight. What a nice armbar! He will be around for awhile. He will also win the rematch with "Da Spider"...
1/28/07 11:34:04PM
he beat a can

nothing impressive there
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