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5/16/08 2:51:30AM

This link is not working, but if you go to youtube type in my new haircut and check it out it is pretty funny.
5/16/08 3:05:09AM
sorry to rain on your parade bub, but this videos been posted at least 2x on these forums. the only reason i laugh now is because he looks like sergei kharitonov in the beginning.
5/16/08 3:10:28AM
Damn I did a search and could not find it. Sorry Mods will delete it
5/16/08 3:52:47AM
its not technically your fault as it was posted in a thread about something unrelated to the actual video, i think some guy from NJ was introducing himself and it got posted
5/16/08 6:20:31AM
lol, i posted this one in what u wear when u go out like a day ago. coincidence?
5/17/08 4:48:13PM
no funny
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