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1/3/08 12:40:26PM
Ory8 fellas , jus joined today , started me own Camp b4 realizing i maybe shouldve started in someone elses 1st to get the hang of what goes on .

If there's any other English chaps in here who wanna join and help me along then super , pm me or sommat , i'll pick it up along the way ! or any US dudes, either way , i'm a noob on here who'd appreciate other noobs , lol .

i'm 29 + followed MMA for bout 5 years admittedly mainly UFC + Pride , but always broadening my horizons by tryin to follow other orgs too EliteXC , Strikeforce , WEC , K.o.t.C etc etc. although its very hard to view the smaller orgs cos mma on tv in England is very very limited to say the least !
i have also seen every UFC since the beginning ( not EVERY single fight ) and about half the Prides.

Faves :-

Fedor , seen every single one of his fights except the NC with Big Nog and am still amazed by his talent ,
'Kid' Yamamoto a little dude who often crushes larger men, i'd love him in UFC
Mikey B , a.k.a Bisping , he's from my town , see him out n about all the time ,very down to earth jus like me ,genuine good guy , likes a party.
Machida - Tipped him for the top after i saw him dismantle Ace Franklin a few years back, now he's finally gettin the recognition i feel he's deserved.

anyways i'm rambling on, hope theres a lot more sense talked here rather than the 50% troll jobs on Sherdog. If anyone wants to welcome me here , smashing
Happy New Year all ,
Machida 4 the strap in 08 Warwagon
1/3/08 1:01:54PM
Welcome man!! Hope you have a good first season
1/3/08 1:10:02PM
1/3/08 7:42:08PM
welcome brother
1/4/08 5:34:30PM
welcome to the playground
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