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12/21/08 10:01:00PM
Hi, I'm 16 and a half, I weigh about 170 pounds, I'm in pretty good shape, and I was on my high school wrestling team for a year and a half. (I quit because our coach is an idiot). I recently picked up a great interest in MMA and would like to join a team that competes regularly. Of course I wanna train, but I would also enjoy some sparring as the training goes on. So if you're lookin to train/recruit a new guy living in the chicago suburbs just send me an e-mail.
12/22/08 7:24:46AM
You've got the right idea but the wrong forum. This forum is for recruiting fight camps for our fantasy game on the website. What you should do is look around our MMA Training Forum:

MMA Training Forum

There are a few helpful links that should help you find what you're looking for there. If nothing else try asking there-I'll move this thread there for you.

Good luck.

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12/22/08 8:54:16AM
lol thanks.
12/22/08 12:05:10PM
Well first of all good luck on your foray into MMA. There are a lot of great places to train in Chicago, but it's also a very big place. I'll list a few places around Chicago and hopefully one is close to you.

Carlson Gracie Federation
kellers martial arts
team curran

Personally I would reccomend Team Curran. There are many more but this should be a start.
12/22/08 9:10:37PM
Ok, the problem with all of those is that they are way too far for me.

I live in Bridgeview, IL, area code 60455. All these places are more than 20-30 minutes away so that's a problem for me.
12/22/08 9:34:30PM
tehre is a lions den going to be opening soon in that area as well
12/22/08 9:56:38PM
Do you mean the lion's den sports bar on Harlem and 85th? It already opened. I thought it was just a bar...?
12/23/08 4:13:01PM
Alright, went searching again. Unfortunately this place doesn't have a website but they teach MMA, BJJ, Muay Thai, and boxing. It's only 4 miles away and about a 12 minute drive so it might be worth checking out.

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