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8/7/07 2:06:58PM
Hey, I'm Salty (Greg) from Boston, kinda stumbled upon this site while at work wasting time. I've been into MMA for years now (22 now) I remember my parents not allowing me to watch UFC on PPV so i had to go out and rent the old VHS tapes of old events. I've also just started training and hope to get in the ring/cage soon.
8/7/07 2:50:55PM
I'm from Boston too...Go Sox
8/7/07 4:31:21PM
Welcome aboard. Keep us updated on how your first goes.
8/13/07 8:18:22PM
welcome to the playground.
9/11/07 9:02:56PM
ANY one from Boston, MA is more than welcome in my camp CRUSHED by COUTURE feel free to sign up soon friend.
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