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9/15/07 5:32:25PM
Hello this is my first time on this site and it was recommended to me by a guy at work. I'm 28 and have been studying martial arts since the age of 12 and I love training ju-jitsu and karate but unfortunately right now i'm in college and working full time but look forward to competing in the near future. Looking forward to blabing in the forums, lol. Later

9/15/07 5:38:14PM
welcome to the site, its always nice to have new people joining and good luck on your picks
9/15/07 5:39:04PM
Welcome. You will love it here on the playground.
Glad to see the Martial Arts back ground.
9/15/07 6:21:23PM
Welcome to the site
9/15/07 6:39:31PM
Thanks guys for the positive feed. It's going to be great learning all kinds of news in this sport. Looking forward to seeing my results on Thursday regarding the outcome of UFC fight night.
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