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4/23/09 6:49:28PM
I have never been on this site\fantasy league and was just wandering how things work? I have already set up my team but do not know what to do next? Can anybody help me out please and thank you?
4/23/09 7:21:43PM
Go to your picks and start picking fighters to win there upcoming fights, wager on fighters that you think will win. Also chat on here, lot of good talk about fights and other MMA stuff.
4/23/09 8:20:58PM
hey instead of setting up your team you should join my camp
4/24/09 3:46:46AM
Yea, amigop is on to something.

its alot more benificial to join a camp thats established instead of trying to make your own right off the back.

Oh and pick Machida
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