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8/22/12 10:34:46AM
Hey everyone,

I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Patrick, I'm 22 years old, and pretty new to all of this.

I started boxing when I was about 14 or 15, but didn't really keep up with it. I used it more as a way to get in shape (I was 300 lbs @ 6'3), and now I'm down to about 218 lbs.

I just went through a few surgeries in the last two years, and the most pathetic thing has happened, I'm afraid to fight now. I don't feel nearly as strong as I used to, and my confidence is just gone. I'm not sure how this forum really works, so maybe I'll get laughed at for saying such things, but it's true.

The worst part is, I seem to attract trouble. I always end up with someone running their mouth to me, or hitting on my girlfriend, and I basically just tell them to f**k off. I don't try to even get into any fights anymore, because I just don't have the confidence to do so. It's pretty pathetic.

Anyway, I'm sure I'm a bit old to get started all over, but I'm here to do so. I'm located out here in Louisville, KY, and looking to enjoy my last 6-9 months of freedom before the military calls me up for service. I'm going to work on getting in shape in this time, and hopefully get my confidence back.

8/22/12 10:42:09AM
Welcome to the site, Brewer. Not too many people here are all that judgmental. Chael_Sonnen may bust your balls a bit, but I suspect you'll receive a warm welcome.
8/22/12 10:46:14AM
8/22/12 10:49:33AM
Welcome. Getting back in shape, getting your confidence back, and serving your country are all very worthwhile goals. I applaud you.

8/22/12 11:21:02AM
Welcome to the playground, everything you said is fine bro
8/22/12 12:10:51PM
Welcome to the site. Nobody here should bust your chops too bad, except the aforementioned Chael_Sonnen, and possibly vikingr. Viking is ripped, and one bad dude. Best to just steer clear of that man
8/22/12 12:39:08PM
Welcome to the PG hopefully you enjoy it as much as the rest of us do

MMAPG is the best site on the net that covers mixed martial arts
8/22/12 1:09:51PM
Welcome to the man

If you want your confidence back come on down to the hood better known as the original gangsters. You'll be a new man before you know it
8/22/12 1:51:55PM
From one Patrick to another, welcome!

As for the fighting stuff, don't worry about it. I've been in the same boat. I get mad dogged every now and then going out. But I have only fought a handful of times since high school. I never put my job at risk by getting arrested. Now I'm older and my back is a little janky (car accidents), so I still can't fight It sucks because I would have liked to train and fight MMA, but that's life!

MMA Playground is a great site, we've got the best forums on the net. You'll definitely find what you need to scratch that fighting itch! And thanks for serving dude. Good luck!
8/22/12 2:01:41PM
8/22/12 5:01:02PM
Hey Paddy

The best way to boost confidence is to set goals and achieve them, which is what you seem to be doing already.
Confidence can be NOT saying anything to the jerks that are hitting on your girlfriend. It shows you are confident your girl can handle herself, you see?
You can also show you are confident by NOT running your mouth back to guys who are immature enough to try it with you, it shows you are more mature.
When you his 23-24 your brain goes through a second re-molding, it takes on information better and faster, and you will mature whether you like it or not. It's like you will learn all the lessons life has been trying to teach you for the last ten-fifteen years, all within a few months. (i'm not sure what this re-molding is called, but I did read about it in a science magaine, and i'm explaining it in layman's terms, so bear with me)
I was beaten severely by a group of 20+ year olds when I was 16 (I was a tall kid) and it stuffed my confidence. The way I got it back was to earn it - I put myself in situations in which I had to front up some courage over and over. And now I'm not scared of shit, I'll happily do public speaking and I'll smile as I walk past a group of patched gang members down a dark alley. You need to GAIN respect for yourself, and the only way to do that, is to do some things you consider 'hard'.
Sorry about the huge reply, welcome to the PG
8/22/12 5:50:33PM
welcome to the PG Patrick

My only suggestion is to get back in the gym and train again to get your confidence back. Once you start beating the shit out of the bags and during sparring, you'll be fine.

Or you could just KO a 5'3 18 year old to get the feeling back
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