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10/14/11 5:06:58PM
Hey whats up I'm Kevin, I am new to this website. I used to do the UFC fantasy before it got canceled, then I herd about this site. Its quite a bit different, more complicated and involving which is a good thing.
I am interested in getting into a fight camp, I lead my own on UFC fantasy but now I just want to be a follower, so if u are looking for a guy who is good at calling fights let me know. I would like to join a bigger group with guys that are serious and Know there mma, so if your a group of like three dont bother contacting me.
So yea thats pretty much it, if u have any suggestions for me or advice about the site dont hesitate to message me, hope to talk to u soon.
10/14/11 5:21:16PM
Welcome to The Playground, Kev! Great group of guys we have here. As for finding a camp, most camps will wait 1-2 events before asking you to join so they have the chance to check out your W-L ratio. So don't let it get you down if you don't receive invitations right away.
10/14/11 5:30:03PM
Welcome to the PG! As stated above, you may need to get your feet wet before most camps will give you an invite. If that's the case, going solo for a couple of events is no big deal though.
10/14/11 7:34:55PM
ECP if you enjoy extra side games!
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