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9/28/11 12:09:30AM
Just wanted to stop in and say hi. I've been following UFC since UFC 100. I ordered my first, and last PPV with UFC 101, and I've been going to a local Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the latest fights, since it's free, good food, and good times with buds. Ever since UFC 125 me and couple of my friends would pick fights, just for fun. We started doing a point system, very similar to the one used on here. About a week ago one of my friends contacted me about joining this site because his brother is a member and he noticed my choice of picks. And so here I am. My other passion is cars, as you can probably figure out by my avatar pic.
9/28/11 1:03:42AM
Good choice in selecting the PG friendo
9/28/11 1:12:58AM
Welcome to The Playground. Take a look around and don't be shy. We have a nice group of guys here who share most of the same passions.
9/28/11 1:51:30AM
What's up samps
12/22/11 2:35:12PM
congratulations, you found the best MMA site on the internet!
12/22/11 2:40:43PM
Welcome to the site, man!
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