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4/26/11 7:51:04AM
Hello guys. how's everybody doing? Just registered on this forum yesterday so I decided to introduce myself. My name is Michael and I live in a little country called Malta (doubt any of you ever heard of it). I was introduced to wonderful sport of MMA a couple years ago because of Lesnar since i was a pro wrestling fan. If I knew how great it is I would have begun watching from UFC 1 (when i was 2!) but unfortunately MMA is hardly well known in my country. I joined this forum because i was looking for a place to play some fantasy predictions and join in on some good discussions about the sport. My favourite fighters are forrest griffin, clay guida and gsp to mention some. On fight nights I stay up until 7 or 8 AM just to watch the fights live because of the time difference. Any else you would like to know cause this is getting to long.
4/26/11 8:48:46AM
Welcome to the Playground, sir.

4/26/11 9:06:20AM
thank you very much my friend
4/26/11 9:16:33AM
Welcome to the playground, man!
4/26/11 10:47:09AM
Welcome to the playground Mikecau. I've definitely heard of Malta and I'm glad to see a fan on the forums from there. I look forward to discussing mma with you. Also, make sure to vote for which fantasy fights you like the best!
4/26/11 12:28:33PM
Staying up until 7-8 A.M? That's dedication. Props to you, man. Welcome to The Playground! I like your choice of favorites. Can't go wrong with Griffin, Guida, or St. Pierre!
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