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4/16/07 7:30:45PM
I'm new here, and decided I'll want to get into a group. I'm very knowledgeable about MMA. My favorite fighters are Huerta, Arlovski, Faber, and Tanner.
So any offers, just send them my way
4/16/07 7:48:29PM
Hey again, this is punishment athletics and we are always open just pm me or RichBoy if you have questions or want to join
4/20/07 7:06:46PM
The J/T WarWagon is still inierested if you are.

Get on before we close our books.
4/21/07 3:50:02AM
We are always open for new team members, come in and join the fun.
4/26/07 12:16:28PM
Team Quest is always looking for new members.
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