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5/11/10 3:15:14AM
Come to this site at least 10 times a day but first time I actually joined the forums.Thanks for welcoming me. Go Rashad!
5/11/10 8:47:27AM
Welcome to the Playground. Make sure you read up on the rules before posting, please.
5/11/10 5:45:37PM
Hey help me out on this stuff. New Guy. I want to join mma training I live in Alabama
5/12/10 4:54:02AM
Best place to get advice on training (other than your local gym) is this forum here

MMA Training

Tons of knowledgeable folk in there that I am sure can get you going in Alabama. I live in California so I don't know much by way of the gyms in Alabama.

EDIT: Here's a couple I found for you using just a basic Google search.

Alliance Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

StraightBlast Gym
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