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6/2/08 4:43:09PM
I have been training in MMA for three years.I have been involved in traditional martial arts and boxing off and on for most of my life. I am 36 yom and I truly believe this is one of the purest sports available for spectators and competitors alike.
6/2/08 5:33:42PM
6/2/08 8:19:28PM
I am 36 as well, are you still fighting right now? And if so where? At my age I was wondering where I could find some fights. I am not in the shape I need to be. I blew a knee out and have been working on getting back into shape. But I am really intrested in getting a few fights in.
6/2/08 11:19:07PM
I wanna fight
6/3/08 12:20:10PM
Hey how's it going hope you have a fun time around here!
6/3/08 5:22:59PM
hi hows it going. i been training mma as well.
6/4/08 6:41:50PM
Thanks for the response everyone. Sorry it has taken awhile to get back to you. At my age my training is more to stay in shape and occasionally get the opportunity to spar and play with some younger fighters. In the future I may do some teaching, but for now I'm content. I missed my MMA window by about 11 years and 100 or so injuries. In regards to places to fight in AZ there are alot. AZ combat sports, Rage in the Cage has training centers, one of the Gracies has a BJJ gym in PHX. I think there is a Kajakembo studio in the east valley. Krav Maga with Bas Rutten ground fighting systems. As for going pro, AZ just started sanctioning events so it is really just starting to gain momentum. Thanks again for the welcome
6/6/08 10:51:36PM
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