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7/1/10 4:19:11PM
It seems that Matt Hughes is taking after Kazushi Sakuraba. Already defeating two of the biggest names in the Gracie Family and in MMA. Is Matt Hughes taking the role as the "Gracie Hunter" of American Mixed Martial Arts. If so, who should he face next?

Roger Gracie?
(If only Rickson was still fighting >:X)
Ralek Gracie?

Eh.. I don't know.
7/1/10 5:43:02PM
i don't know man. i wouldn't consider him the gracie hunter. when they asked him about it he said he doesn't care. the media might say he is but he aint. the only reason hes fighting another Gracie is because Gracie begged the ufc to let him fight Hughes after Hughes beat the other Gracie. Hughes is at the point in his career where he isnt fighting top contenders anymore so any fight is a good fight cause he wants to make money, he still loves fighting, and hes got nothing to prove.
7/1/10 6:59:50PM
Sakuraba will always be the Gracie Hunter, especially in that war he had with Royce proving he wasnt going to back down from him or any other gracie.
7/1/10 7:39:11PM
Yeah, when Matt goes 90+ minutes with a Gracie, he can be called Gracie Hunter 2.0.
7/2/10 2:04:33AM

Posted by BlueSkiesBurn

Yeah, when Matt goes 90+ minutes with a Gracie, he can be called Gracie Hunter 2.0.

if a gracie can last 90 mins with Hughes is what you should be saying he did finish both of them
7/2/10 7:22:18AM
I always thought the only reason they let him fight Royce and Renzo was an incentive incase they where ever able to make a return to Japan.
That fight will make a nice little draw probably.
7/2/10 2:32:38PM
I am a huge Matt Hughes fan and I would not consider him the Gracie Hunter lol. Even he has said he thinks that is crazy. He fought an aging Royce to prove a point and he did. He fought Serra because he had legit hatred for the guy (I think he won this fight - but it should have never been this close). Then he fought Renzo at the UFC's request. Now Almeida because he beat the tar out of Renzo. I dunno, i think Hughes has had enough big fights in his day that he doesn't need to rip Sakuraba (the real Gracie Hunter) of his title.
7/3/10 12:48:55AM
I don't think he'll fight another Gracie, least of all Roger or Ralek (who are too big I am sure). Saku was fighting Gracies when they were still in their prime and Hughes got them at the ends of their careers. Saku will be the only true Gracie hunter IMO.

7/3/10 9:08:12AM
I have to agree with both of you.
you can't say anything against the wins Hughes has compiled against them but Saku was disbatching them when the consensus of fans still had an aurora of invincibility tied to the Gracie name.
Saku is the one and only "Gracie Hunter".
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