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7/4/07 1:53:42AM
Just wanted to intrduce myself.I'm fairly new to MMA.I have watched in the past,but I have only recently became a junkie.As I learn more about the sport,I can't get enough.Anyway,just wanted to say what's up?
7/4/07 8:54:02AM
Welcome to the site/game!, Who is your favorite fighter?
7/4/07 1:36:04PM
Welcome to the site man. Hope you have fun!
7/4/07 2:00:58PM
I guess I would have to say Randy Couture.I like fighters who show heart,are well rounded,and are are always in shape.Right now I'm more of a fan of the sport than any one fighter.I'm sure the more I watch,and start to understand the sport,I will become a fan of individual fighters
7/4/07 3:21:43PM
I respect the fact that your a humble dude and doesn't profess to have a wealth of knowledge like nbcsports or yahoo thinks they have. You'll have a great time at this site, and will gain a wealth of info. Have fun!
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