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7/29/07 10:39:30PM
It is very nice to be on the forums although i am new to most forums so i might get lost a little along the way...I'm not quite sure what to say so i will tell whoever reads this about myself and my interests....I am a 17 year old male currently living in a small town in New Brunswick,Canada..inuit decent....favourite fighter is Wanderlei Silva but i am also a huge fan of the Chute Boxe Academy...I don;t have places to train except for the weekly Ninjutsu...well again happy to be here meet some people who are as big MMA fans as I am.
7/29/07 10:42:17PM
welcomes, just have fun and say what you think, if some1 doesnt like it who cares
7/29/07 11:23:12PM
thank you very much i have already posted a little i am feeling an addiction coming on
8/4/07 7:25:06PM
Yeah look at my post number in 1 month,any way just say what you want do not worry about what other people have to say about!!!!!!!!!
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