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12/16/08 10:53:03AM
O.K. , I am 29 years old, 6'8" , 208 lbs. I got into following MMA about a 18 months ago and have been hooked ever since. I am happily married to a great girl who puts up with my habits of spending all my money on golf and ordering all the UFC's. I dont have a single fav. fighter but I will list a few.---Wanderlei, Vitor Belfort, Kenny Florian, and Bisping. I am also becoming a Shane Carwin fan, as I love big guys who can move quick.( I have a theory that if you put Carwin in front of Brock, Brock will be put to sleep, feel free to argue with me on that one.) I also love to see Marvin Eastman get knocked out, as anytime the Beastman fights, you are guaranteed a spectacular k.o.

My great cause in mma is to petition Dana to bring in Fedor and bring back Vitor.

12/16/08 12:27:57PM
lol im all for the return of vitor. he was as good a fighter as weve had.
welcome to the playground man. need any help repost or PM me directly and ill be happy to help
12/16/08 3:37:45PM
Welcome and salutations!
12/16/08 3:39:25PM
welcome to the playground

always good to have another south carolinian around here
12/22/08 10:50:55AM
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