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7/29/09 3:17:51AM
With the UFC getting 20 of Afflictions contacts, just think of the fighters come over to the UFC, with bigger names like Renato Sobral , Gegard Mousasi, getting deals with Stikeforce, and Fedro just being hard to get
but what about the other fighters like Vitor Belfort, Matt Lindland, i think Antonio Rogerio Nogueira is still under contact with them, Pedro Rizzo, Dan Lauzon, Gilbert Yvel , maybe Tim and AA back?? i doubt them to haha maybe they could come back and fight each other again and loser leaves town type thing, idk what do you guys think, who do you think the UFC has now??
7/29/09 7:00:44AM
well they obviously got rothwell and Gormely at least for a one shot...I definitely am hopefull for Vitor...maybe Gomi, Yvel, Buentello even...I doubt TIm or Andrei unless its like you say a winner stays loser goes type fight...doubtful on lindland...I think Horodecki would be a good addition as well as Dan Lauzon...of course who knows about Fedro
7/29/09 7:17:53AM
Given past issues with Lindland, I'd lean no on him. AA only has one fight left on his contract so that would require re-negotiations and he won't get much money-wise thanks in part to the Rogers loss. As for TIMMAY!!...haha, no. I'd rather they sign Ray Mercer instead. And technically he might be M-1 Global property.
7/29/09 11:07:19AM
Well there is Rothwell and Gormely.

Then I would like to see Belfort, Lauzon, Buentello, Yvel, Horodecki.
Maybe some guys come back like Hieron, Santiago.

I would definitly like to see Paul and Yvel come boost up the HW division.
7/29/09 11:12:16AM
Hieron likely won't come for a while since it seems he's off to Strikeforce for at least 3 fights.
7/29/09 1:30:07PM
All I know is that I have my fingers crossed that they resign Paul Buentello.
7/29/09 3:14:07PM
i think they'll snag belfort, lauzon, horodecki, yvel, and buentello
i'm keeping my fingers crossed for fedor (duh), gomi, santiago, and lil nog
as for aa i'm pretty sure his affliction contract was up after the loaned fight for strikeforce as i remember reading that affliction passed on resigning him after he got ko'd by rogers
i also seriously doubt we'll see babalu in the ufc ever again
not only is he fighting in strikeforce already but after his choke incident on heath i'm sure he's blacklisted from the ufc indefinitely
7/29/09 4:06:25PM
Other thsn the obvious Fedor & Vitor, i really wanted them to get Mousasi. Being a judoka, kickboxer, and now Fedor pupil , I thought him the 3rd best choice. So I think they missed out not signing him. I still have hopes for Lil Nog , Horodecki, and a Arlovski return though.
7/29/09 5:37:40PM
flame all you want but i'd love to see aa and big tim back in the ufc, but didn't dana say the only way tim was coming back was through tuf?
7/29/09 5:49:54PM
am i the only one who wants horedecki and lauzon to go to the wec (the wec only has two stars in its LW div. this would double the quality of the division)

other then that i want vitor in ufc

and i want the rest to go to strikeforce, i dont want the ufc to be the only fish in the pond
7/29/09 6:37:53PM
All I can say is Yvel vs Kongo
7/29/09 6:39:39PM
Roger Hollett, Vitor, I would like to see Ricco Rodriguez return, Ricardo Arona (please make him fight somewhere), Manhoef (though he's too big in Japan), Tim Kennedy.Those are the ones I would like to see
7/29/09 6:41:22PM

Posted by seanfu

All I can say is Yvel vs Kongo

7/29/09 7:31:52PM
i'll be curious to see who they get in
7/29/09 9:28:02PM
I would like to see Ricco Rodriguez back in the UFC.
7/29/09 11:34:30PM
they have rothwell and gormley, I think they will probably try for Buentello, Yvel, since the HW division is getting alot of attention latley, im sure they would want to eliminate any potential matchups for fedor outside of the ufc. If AA dosnt persue the boxing thing I would like to see him back, they would probably get one hell of a discount on him.
7/30/09 12:04:57AM
Fedro should headline a card in Mexico.
7/30/09 1:15:14AM
I would have to think that some of them where acquired for the WEC as well.
7/30/09 7:47:41AM

Posted by MMA-San

Fedro should headline a card in Mexico.

War Fedro!!!
7/30/09 10:01:06AM

Posted by sclasclemski

Posted by MMA-San

Fedro should headline a card in Mexico.

War Fedro!!!

Or as Mauro says...Feadore

War Feadore ??
7/30/09 3:14:12PM
WHere did you hear that the ufc got 20 contracts from? I must've missed it somewhere...

I would think the majority of the guys would want to come over, with a few going over to SF... Not sure what's holding LilNog back though, seems like his bros getting paid and doin alright... I'd like to see him come beef up the 205ers, why not... a rematch with Shogun is something I always wanted to see and think he could handle the Jardine/Griffin/Evans's pretty... well handely I guess
8/3/09 1:03:39PM
Dana has said he will NOT re-sign AA, so why would he want someone who got owned by him in like 10 secs (Buentello)? I don't think anyone really thinks Timmay will get resigned, but I would be stoked to see Belfort back in the UFC.
8/3/09 1:13:32PM
bring them all over, and have an Affliction v UFC card.

match up the fighters with equal skill, and lets see which org had better fighters!......
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