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8/19/08 8:57:45PM
It seems like once in a while the ufc will take on a large amount of new talent for whatever reason, and I've been noticing it alot lately. I mean, just look at the last and the next ufn.

I figured this could probably be for a number of reasons. First, the ufc buying out most of the IFL's talent has caused a mass exodus of their fighters into the ufc. Second, maybe the ufc is just looking to bolster some of it's divisions (the heavyweight division is in dire need of it). Third, maybe the ufc is just trying to take the company in new directions before it becomes too stagnant. It could also be a combination the three.

Now what struck me as odd about this was that a couple months ago the ufc started laying off large numbers of fighters because they felt too many fighters were riding the payroll. I don't understand why they would make this claim if they were just going to pick up the same amount, if not more fighters (in some cases, less talented) to suck the financial teat of the ufc. Perhaps so they could pay them less?

8/19/08 9:19:45PM
most of these new guys seem to be mid level fighters at best, but there are some young talented guys. i think most of these guys won't pan out.
8/19/08 9:26:15PM
Shane Carwin, Cain Velasquez, Demian Maia, Rousimar Palhares... some good talent added to the UFC in recent events... only time will tell how far they can really go..
8/19/08 9:34:53PM
They said it because they didn't want to reveal the real reason, which is picking up new contracts. Don't underestimate the power of fresh faces...they're cheaper, it's not the same guy losing every month, and there might be a few diamonds in the rough.
8/19/08 10:38:56PM
So far I'm really liking these new breed of fighters.

Has anyone noticed how exciting the ground game can be when a guy like Rousimar or Maia is involved?

I mean, the Maia-McDonald fight was one of the most exciting ground fights of the year in my opinion and was definetly in the top 4 or 5 best overall fights of this year so far.

I watched the Rousimar-Salaverry fight with a mate who was not really familiar with the jiu jitsu side of MMA, and he was awestruck when Rousimar did that blinding transition from back control to the armbar.

And stylisically, these are the guys who will give Anderson problems. I mean Travis Lutter probably gave the most dominating performance against Silva, and Maia's jiu jitsu is like waaaaaaaaaaayyy better then Lutter's.

Shane Carwin and Cain Velasquez look very good as well.

I am especially impressed with Cain. His striking is K-1 level, and his jiu jitsu is also top notch. Most wrestlers think once they get the fight to the ground and theyre on top, they can coast. Cain actually adopts a nice mix of jiu jitsu and ground and pound. Kind of like Sean Sherk but nowhere near as hesitant to try and finish. These are the kind of ground fighters that I like.

I haven't seen alot of Carwin, but what I have seen has been perfect. Man that guy is freakishly athletic, I'd be interested in a matchup between him and Brock Lesnar.
8/19/08 11:26:12PM
The other advantage of this plan is by signing a bunch of up and comer's and then keeping the ones that win and getting rid of the ones that lose, they keep other companies from getting their hands on the best new fighters.

If they waited around for it to become obvious who the best fighters outside of the UFC, they would have a much harder time signing those guys because they would already have contracts and ties to other orgs. By getting them early, they avoid that whole problem.
8/19/08 11:46:52PM
I am excited about a lot of the new "talent" that the UFC has. Maia is a world class BJJ guy who looks to have adapted it to MMA very sucsessfully. Cain Velasquez is a great fighter with good Stand up and great wrestleing. Rory Markham might be one of the "diamonds in the rough". He puts guys to sleep in exciting fashion. Blackbrun is also a quality pick up from the IFL. I wish the UFC would pick up Vlady again. "the janitor" has come a long way since he KTFO by AA. And since his domination of HH Brock Lesnar has become the new fan Fav of the sport. And it is deserving, he is a beast, and this is coming from a guy who has "bashed" Lesnar. Palhares is very good but i dont he will be able to beat Hendo.
8/20/08 1:28:30AM
they seems to be getting alot of new talent but i doubt half these guys will be in the ufc by 2010
8/20/08 2:30:22AM
i'm always up for new talent but i hate when the ufc spams me with it
in the end though i'll take a flood of new fighters as long as someone worth the buzz shows up
what an exciting sport
8/20/08 2:39:07AM
Dan Miller is no joke he will be great
8/20/08 3:40:42PM
Yes, there are a lot of exciting additions that I think could be very huge. Some of the guys I'm most excitied about are Palhares, Yoshida, Dong Hyun Kim, Velasquez, and Carwin. I think all of these guys have the potential to be become household names.
8/20/08 4:45:24PM
The more new talent the better I guess. Bring in a lot of guys and them weed themselves out. It's like sales, lots of employee turnover but you always end up with a few rockstars.
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