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10/11/08 6:47:18PM
I have set up a new fight camp and I am looking for as many new members as possible. I am looking for people who will regularly make there picks and will want to discuss current matters in MMA. I also run my own Fantasy UFC game which i will run in my camp for members that are interested. If you are looking for a camp then please send me a personal message and I will send you an invite to my new camp.
10/13/08 2:32:08AM
Thankyou wallass for joining up. I am still looking for new members.
10/13/08 10:20:51AM
Can't understand why you left Bravo to run a camp with 1 member.
If I was you i'd swallow my pride and come back, as i'm sure we'll let you back
10/13/08 11:51:01AM
Good luck Rabi

I'm sure there are plenty of good valid reasons you left the Bravo camp to start your own......

I hope you have a good run at being a camp leader in your new camp be patient when it comes to adding members, somtimes you have to worka at it to find the good ones
10/13/08 3:20:40PM
Thanks Kracker jap. I didnt leave Bravo to run a 1 man camp. I left Bravo to join another camp, but when i joined IMO i felt the camp I had left was better then the camp I had joined and thought I would give my own camp ago. If it was to fail then i would happily come back if Acer would have me back. I have also been invited to another camp as well. Fingers crossed here is hoping my new camp will be a success.
10/16/08 1:33:54AM
Good luck Rabi. Hope the new camp works out for you
10/16/08 2:29:51AM
Best of luck to ya bro! looks like you're off to a strong start already.
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