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9/15/08 1:59:03PM
Fedor has released a training book (i think maybe even today)....does anybody have any comments, comparisons to other books, or early reviews on it? not one for books all that much, but considering the guy who is writing it, i have some interest.
9/16/08 2:47:53AM
Just got the book today. Looking over it, I'll let you know what I think. So far a lot of stuff I already know with a few fun things. I like the key points after every technique though.
9/16/08 11:30:57AM
awesome!....yeah books usually only show me slightly different ways of doing things i already know and sometimes a few things that i dont....but fedor has got such an unconventional style, that it really intrigues me....that would be great if you gave me a review! thanks
9/17/08 4:55:35AM
OW! i tried to open it and it arm barred me!
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