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9/1/07 11:21:43AM
Sup gang, my names Phil and I'm new to the site. I'm a long time MMA fan for the last 12-13 years, grew up in the Royce Gracie Generation of MMA. I go to every local fight here in Wisconsin and have met quite of few fighters. I have quite the collection of MMA dvd's, so I'm never without an event to watch. Anyone ever wants to B.S. a little, just send me a message. Thanks guys.
9/1/07 11:28:54AM
Welcome...I think you'll love this site. The whole betting-with-phony-money aspect hooks you in. More importantly, the conversation here is much more civil than at other popular sites.
9/1/07 4:22:12PM
I also think you will love the site. For the most part everyone has a MMA background or some knowledge about MMA.
9/9/07 9:06:02PM
9/14/07 4:54:47PM
Howdy from the uk !!!
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