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10/18/07 10:35:35AM
I just got my tickets to the New England VS Philly game in Boston on Nov 25

My question is how crazy are the Pats fans I plan on wearing my B Dawkins jersey as i am a huge Eagles fan? Is this a good idea or a bad one

I went to Buffalo last year and my buddy almost got the S H I T beat out of him for wearing his Vikings gear which i thought was funny of course i was wearing a Buffalo hat that i bought in the parking lot

I don't think i will catch to much heat becuase i expect my Eagles to get stomped

Let me know?
10/18/07 11:45:29AM
of course your eagles will be destroy !!!! so you will only get some comment about how your jersey ********* !!!!

i am a pats fan and i will try to see you in the crowd when the game will air !!!

as your teamate , you just lost 0.00001% of my respect for you, it is not too much but it is at least a number !!!! LOL

GO PATS !!!!

10/18/07 11:59:48AM
its all really who you end up sitting next to, us bostonians are a bunch of drunks when it comes to sporting boss wakes up and starts drinking before he even leaves to get to the stadium for tailgateing.
10/18/07 12:42:04PM
I am a huge redsox fan so maybe i will wear one of my Sox hats to set it off

I hope it is wickad pissa
10/18/07 2:16:01PM
i say wear it, im a fan of the cowboys and i would wear my T.O jersey to a eagles game, dont be scared to throw a punch or 2 for your team lol
10/18/07 2:28:07PM
pats fans arent nearly as bad as philly fans, id be a lot more scared to wear a pats jersey in philly than the other way around. anything but eagles gear in philly gets you hit by a flying battery.
10/18/07 3:23:49PM
Here is the story of why i am worried

Me and my buddy drove to Buffalo from Nova Scotia 16 hours straight through in a Yaris! So we were goign to to see the Vikings play the Bills his team is the Vikings, we get to the parking lot to tailgate at 10am game at 1 ,we have beer and food good weather for october... nice day. So we got a good jag on before the game starts he has a Brad Johnson jersey on and a Vikes hat during the 2nd qtr he goes to get more beer and take a piss. He walks in the bathroom and one guy preceeds to piss on his leg for wearing the jersey he yells WTF 4 other guys come over and and ask what are you going to do about it my buddy isn't small he is 6'2 about 280. He gets back to the seat tells me the story and takes off his jersey i LOL, i called him a pussy for taking off his jersey and his team lost. Other then that it was a good trip.

PS the strip bars in Buffalo suck.
10/18/07 3:36:30PM
Ya us Pats fans are passionate and fiery, but not violent now if we are talking Red Sox that is a different story
11/21/07 10:23:47AM
Well I am leaving for beantown tonight
The line on the game is at 22 1/2 for the pats, i just hope the Eagles keep it close

I am saying screw the Eagles gear it is going to be bad enough going to the game with 3 Pats fans which i am going to take heat on the whole game i am sure. So i am wearing my Pedoria world series jersey and getting hammered
11/21/07 10:56:54AM
You have to represent no matter how "vicious" or "violent" they are.

However...I'm sorry to hear that you're a Philly fan!
11/21/07 11:01:30AM
First and foremost rule up there: No matter what, DON'T WEAR PINSTRIPES. Now if you have a death wish or want to fight, that's different, but wear nothing associated with those Damn Yankees.
11/21/07 11:43:27AM
I am a die hard SOX fan i wouldn't do that
11/21/07 5:02:25PM

Posted by emfleek

You have to represent no matter how "vicious" or "violent" they are.

However...I'm sorry to hear that you're a Philly fan!

Didn't them guys booo Santa Claus? C'mon, he's Santa Claus for fuc*s sake
11/26/07 8:37:16AM
I am hung over as hell today

My Eagles almost pulled off the win

24 point spread my ass
11/26/07 8:57:28AM
I was a Philly fan for about 3 hours last night.

Good game and it's more evidence that the Pats *are* beatable.

However...I still think they'll finish the regular season undefeated.
11/26/07 9:58:08AM
Great game last night. It's nice you got to see it live too, assuming you were coherent during the game.
11/26/07 1:55:47PM

i got pretty messed up before the game then i slowed down once i was inside

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