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5/7/10 1:45:22PM
Hey everyone, my name is Brian and I guess I'm the new guy around here now. I found this site via a post on another forum from another Fantasy Site, decided to check it out, seen it was way better, so I am migrating over here.

Quick about myself...I've been following MMA for more years than I can remember, and it's one of my favorite sports, even though I don't actively practice any martial arts myself. then again hockey is my favorite sport and I don't play that either.

I am a web programmer/developer. My company does websites for small business and the like. Suppose that might make me a web nerd of sorts, but I don't see it that way really lol. We all need to work!

I'll just leave off saying I am absolutely pumped for UFC113 this weekend, and I think Machida is going to take it home again...a bit more decisively this time around though.
5/7/10 3:14:43PM
Welcome to the Playground. I'm sure you'll pick up on the goings on fairly quickly.
5/7/10 3:19:23PM
Thanks dude. Glad to be here. Everything looks pretty solid to me. Already got my picks in for the upcoming fight tomorrow, and I've checked out some of the threads. Looks rockin'
5/7/10 3:21:16PM
5/7/10 3:29:54PM
Only 46 more posts and you'll officially be an MMA regular. Next step, find you a fight camp...oh, and make fun of Emfleek for being a Cubs fan.
5/7/10 3:31:20PM
Hahaha. It's a little hard for me to make fun of anyone's baseball team these days. The Bluejays haven't exactly lit it up for the past couple decades ;)
5/7/10 3:32:50PM

Posted by BlueSkiesBurn

oh, and make fun of Emfleek for being a Cubs fan.

5/7/10 3:42:34PM
I'm recruiting a team of Cubs haters to combat your hatred for the Red Sox, sir.
5/7/10 4:05:33PM
Well if you're a Red Sox fan I don;t think I'll be able to help you out there dude. I hate the BoSox almost as much as those damned Yankees! :P
5/7/10 8:14:16PM
come on....come to war with me....I don't actually mind the Blue Jays
5/8/10 2:53:11PM
Of course you wouldn't mind the Jays. You're boys pick up a fair amount of wins off of them lol. Sox don't seem to be so hot right now though eh?

I've got nothing against the Cubs, so I think I'll just keep myself outta that lil war. Best of luck though!!
5/8/10 4:44:04PM
Psh, I hope you bomb your picks!
5/10/10 12:42:57PM
Hahah, this actually turned out to be one of the worst events for my picks in quite awhile. Still turned out over .500, but not that great.

Guess we'll see today if those Red Sox can pick up their game against my Blue Birds
5/10/10 2:24:19PM
I went just under .500. I was 5-6. We beat the Yankees, that's all that counts right now.
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