If I Only New What I Was Doing.

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11/9/07 11:20:51AM
: Hi My name is David and I was talked in to joining the Clan MacPaidan Camp.by the leader of the camp.
Now all I have to do is find my way around. I haven't had time to meet anyone yet. But I am looking forward to meeting and discussing the different fighter and fights. Also I will enjoy building a bankroll if I can.
GOOD LUCK on your picks and betting!
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11/9/07 11:32:37AM
LOL !!!

11/9/07 12:08:03PM
Be careful. Word on the street is that the leader of the Clan MacPaidan fight camp is a self-righteous asshole.
11/9/07 3:30:40PM
lol nice out house
11/10/07 11:24:03AM
welcome to the playground.
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