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3/20/08 5:39:08PM
1. It was your first fight after two defeats. Were you nervous about your comeback to the ring?

Mirko: I wasn't nervous, I've been fighting in the ring for many years and I feel at home in it. I was excited about fighting in Japan again.

2. You looked impressive in the ring. You bulked up, did you do it on purpose or did it just happen?

Mirko: Gaining muscle mass was a 6 months process and I did it primarily to increase my raw strength.
3/20/08 9:57:59PM
Great find man!! Awesome interview!

I hope Cro Cop gets to fight someone worthy of him next he seams hungry for a good competitor!
3/20/08 10:25:13PM
crocop needs a B+ fighter on his next fight to really up his value again. its hard not to route for the guy
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