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9/1/13 10:46:54AM
As if new UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis UFC 164 win wasn't emotional enough, the fighter took to Instagram after the event to share a photo that will tug at your heart strings.

9/1/13 10:48:15AM
Always liked him, way more now after his post fight interview!
9/1/13 10:53:08AM
Watched some of the fights with my dad, no ima cry
9/1/13 11:32:44AM
That is awesome.Pettis has done his dad proud.Congrats Pettis you have earned it and deserve it bro
9/1/13 11:36:18AM
Hard to dislike him. He's such a classy dude.
9/1/13 1:29:47PM
Liked him before this fight but after watching the countdown show and his post fight speech and now this he's a favourite.

Has the chance to forge a legacy for himself in a deep division.
9/1/13 5:38:53PM
Touching photo
9/1/13 9:04:34PM
Nice pic.
Pettis IMO is just getting started. Only concern is, he needs to stay healthy.
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