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4/26/10 8:18:23PM
After reviewing the membership of my camp, it has come to my attention that only four of our members have even logged in in the past year and a half. Generally I am a loyal guy who likes to stay with someone who gave me my first opportunity but I am also a competitor. I know my record doesn't show it but nobody in my camp makes picks so it's almost as if I compete with myself and one other person, which is no fun for me. I'd like to see what other camps would like to offer me a potential spot.

I am an active poster and enjoy discussing topics on all different levels. I am looking for a compatible camp with members whom I know to be both level headed and intellectual when it comes to their postings and discussions. I won't just jump at an opportunity because it's offered. (already made that mistake). Just as much as I have to be a fit for the camp the same holds true for me regarding the camp. If you're interested let me know.

EDIT POST: I have received one warning the entire time I have been a member and that was a rookie mistake within my first month or so. So, I am not a liability.
4/26/10 10:51:36PM
Just a thought, but it's been my experience that most members looking to join a camp prefer one where the leader is equally as active at picking fights as he is posting. Not trying to stir the pot or anything but a 13-6 record in a season with over 80 total fights so far probably isn't going to help much.
4/26/10 11:04:15PM
I'm not the leader, that's what I am getting at. Nor have I ever been. Nobody in my camp is active. They've been trading off leader of the camp several times and sending out emails asking us if we should just disband it. That's my motivation for finding a new one. The reason I haven't been as active is because I usually am competing against myself. We don't have a camp forum, really, either. Our leader hasn't logged in in like 2 months or so. After Loop613 there's a sharp drop off in log-in activity where most of the members haven't logged in for almost a year and half.

The point of finding a new camp is so I can be more active without feeling like I'm wasting my time. I'd also like to discuss things within a camp that might not make it on a forum. That's all, sir.
4/27/10 1:48:13AM
If you are looking for a new camp I would be willing to take a gamble if you promise to make all your picks, are camp is an active HW camp, were all UFC fights are discussed. but the biggest criteria in my camp is making all your picks, is that something you would be interested in, if you are then let me know, if you have any questions with regards my camp then feel free to ask.
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