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7/20/07 5:23:59AM
I have started a camp and am looking for people to join me, i am the leader of the Scottish Top Team, all are welcome as long as they pass the trials.
7/24/07 11:42:49AM
well if they have to pass the trials that dosen't mean everyone can get in
7/24/07 1:13:01PM
Tell us why people should want to join your fight camp.

Mateozballa, I believe there is a spelling error in the name of your fight camp. Shouldn't it be "technical" instead of "technial"? Just wondering?!?!?!?
7/25/07 12:33:18AM
im certain they are not spelling trials
7/25/07 3:40:18PM
come join our camp called flippin grenades. we all have perfect records. mma is our life! start fresh with us!
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