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11/4/09 9:34:42AM
The UFC Nutriders is made up of a handfull of members from one of the top WW camps in the last 2 seasons. We are looking fro quality members to join an elite group. We are being picky so new members or anyone with bad pick %'s need not apply.
11/4/09 11:39:05AM
Hi mate, if you have problems recruiting and would like to merge with a bigger camp my camp is currently No 3 LHW and always on the look out for quality members. PM me if you are interested.
1/12/10 3:53:32PM
Hello, I see your looking for quality members, please, look my profile over- I may be new to this site but I have a love for all things MMA- I am in a fight camp(country ko) now but the leader doesn't seem very into it-usually isn't satisfied with the fight card (no matter who it is) and doesn't even make picks for secondary league.
I would like to be in a camp that makes picks and wagers on both first and secondary league. as well as more forum discussion with in the camp not just who they pick b4 an event.
I think I am doing pretty well concidering I joined so late in the season, I look forward to picks and wagers for a full season. I hope you concider a dedicated fan---Thank you for your time-
1/26/10 7:52:05PM
Can I Join?
I Watch Inside MMA on HDNet and HDNet Fights every week
as well as strikeforce, UFC, and WEC for EVERY event.
My 3 fave fighters are:
1. Fedor Emilianenko
2. GSP
3. Alistair Overeem (Dream-Japan)
i may be new to mma playground but not MMA watch me soar up the charts after a couple events.
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