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4/2/09 5:25:36PM
So at first I just joined the first camp to offer me an invite... It had 1 other dude in it. Well, UFN 18 came and I hit the top 10 and scored 108 and made a couple thousand bucks. I'd like to switch to a camp that has more people in it that know MMA. How do I go about it?
4/2/09 5:30:58PM
You first have to leave your current camp. You can do that from your "My Fight Camp" page. Then you have to be invited by another camp's leader and accept in order to join their camp.

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4/2/09 5:34:30PM
Cool. I tried it, but it errors saying I can't move within 48 hours after an event. Guess I'll wait a little while.
4/2/09 5:36:36PM
Yeah, there was a UFC event last night so you'll need to wait until tomorrow night. You can't leave or join a camp from 48 hours before through 48 hours after a UFC event.
4/2/09 10:55:26PM
World Top Team is the place for you dude.
4/3/09 2:54:46AM
the Playground Bullies are always looking for top players. PM Bojangalz
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