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5/10/09 5:14:01AM
Bravo Television is a tempting proposition for any Mixed Martial Arts promotion in the U.K., as it presents a unique opportunity to reach a wider viewing audience as well having a background in UFC programming. In short, Bravo understands the sport.

So when it was originally announced that Bravo was considering MMA in its programming schedule, the promotions started to take note, most of all the British Fighting Championship and Ultimate Challenge. The reality is that neither show will be featured on Bravo and that a new tournament based format show will emerge in its place.

Starting on June 28, BAMMA will be running its first event on Bravo, a fight card featuring three tournaments across the lightweight, middleweight and light heavyweight categories and will be fought with the winners moving onto a place in the finals.

5/10/09 9:03:39AM
There's just too many _AMMA's.
5/10/09 11:40:09AM
Its hard to keep track of whats going on in the UK mma scene at the moment. Im still very dissapointed the BFC folded, but this is a good bit of news.
5/10/09 2:48:37PM
It can only be good for mma here in the u.k it will un earth more great fighters from here.Then they can move on to a world stage in the ufc hopefully unless we can kick on here in the uk and turn this thing into are ufc.But it will not happen
5/10/09 2:58:35PM
BAMMA and the YAMMA and the WAMMA. BAMMAWAMMAYAMMA. ... whatever.

what other _AMMA named could work?

SLAMMA (Salt Lake Area Mixed Martial Arts)

GAMMA (Georgia mixed martial arts)

MAMMA (Massachussets mixed martial arts)

HAMMA (Haitian mixed martial arts, Hawaiian mixed martial arts, or MC Hammer's own promotion)

SCAMMA (South Carolina Mixed Martial Arts)

JAMMA (Jamaican mixed martial arts)

IRAMMA (Iranian mixed martial arts)

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