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POLL: Where Will Melo Wind Up?
Denver 0% (0)
New York 64% (7)
New Jersey 9% (1)
Overseas 0% (0)
Unsigned 0% (0)
Mello Yello (Haha) 27% (3)
1/14/11 2:46:15PM
Yes, I actually am not talking about Brett FAAA-VRUH for once but about the one ESPN needs to really put Rachael Nichols on-Carmelo Anthony. All this trade talk & hoopla surrounding him has clearly reached Favrean status. Quick up-to-speed for the non-NBA types: Melo wants out of Denver (Current team) before being a free agent after the year and wants a big new deal before the doubt that is next season (could be a work stoppage and/or labor troubles again). Denver's open to that and want to ship him to Brooklyn by way of New Jersey (Nets will be moving from Jersey to Brooklyn, NY in a year or two). This hinges largely on Melo signing a 3-year, $65 million extension. Main hurdle: Melo wants to play for New York. The recent hubbub over the last 2 weeks have been about 3-4 team deals possibly involving the equivalent of AN ENTIRE NBA TEAM, or about 15 players total. The pitch for Jersey is being made by their new billionaire Russian owner (seriously, he could probably afford to buy both Fedor AND M-1 Global and have enough left over to put on a UFC-type event!) and their part-owner, Melo's buddy Jay-Z. They hope to build a Brooklyn team around a Brooklyn kid (Melo was born there). And so on. Which is why ESPN needs to get Rachael of Favre's front lawn and to the Nuggets practice facility 24/7!

Just wanted to get this out before I'm tired of this. Or before Melo gets some crazy other idea like baseball or football.
1/16/11 6:53:04PM
At this point LeBron has become Mello's biggest fan. I didn't think any basketball player could be a bigger douche about where he wanted to play than LeBron, I was wrong. Carmelo is making this f*cking impossible.

They say he's hours away from being traded, then it's "not gonna happen." I'm already tired of it.
1/19/11 8:29:34PM
Prohkorov had his say today...Nyet! He's apparently killed it, telling the Nets to walk away. And dropping a hell of a line on if Melo ever contacted him: "Maybe he sent me an e-mail, but I don't have a computer," Prokhorov said. "Maybe the carrier pigeon got lost."
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