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POLL: Should belts change hands due to a Judges Decision?
Yes 73% (41)
No 27% (15)
4/14/10 3:43:32PM
I think a championship should only be able to change hands on a KO, TKO, submission, etc. The only time that there should be judges in a title fight is when there is no champion in the bout (Kenny Florian vs Sean Sherk, Hughes vs GSP 1.
4/14/10 3:50:32PM
I meant to answer "no" in the poll.
4/14/10 7:09:42PM

Maybe, a new policy that in the case of a split decision the belt doesnt change hands and an immediate rematch takes place. I might support something like that but a Huge NO to the original idea
4/20/10 5:39:46PM
one word awnser here.......NO!
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