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5/29/08 1:04:41PM

MMA HIT PIT is a new site based in the UK made by fans of the sport to promote it as best we can.

We are looking for people to contribute to the site in anyways, if you have any news or announcements let us know and we will post it up, if you have an upcoming fight or event let us know and we will post it in our upcoming events section, if you have a story to tell or want to do a review of an event you attended, fought in or saw on TV let us know. We also need people to review all events by the UFC, Cage Rage, Pride FC, EliteXC and as soon as someone helps us we will have all Cage Warriors events as well as any other UK based promotion who would like to be included.

If you are interested in sponsoring a fighter we have a section dedicated to that. Going forward we will be looking to help sponsor fighters contribute to the site, most of money we make from the site will be put towards sponsoring them but this will only be to the fighters who add to the site in any way. Even before we have made any money we have sponsored our first fighter Mark Smith so we wish him all the best for his upcoming fight Jay Gilby on June 14th at Cage Rage Contenders.

We have exclusive interviews set up for UFC 85: and will have some big names contributing to the site in the coming weeks. As you can see the site is quite bare but this will all change when people come on board and help us add some content to it.

To contribute or to simply show your support for UK MMA, please visit and click the Register button to register with the site. If you have any questions or want to help feel free to PM me or e-mail me at

5/29/08 6:09:03PM
5/30/08 8:33:09AM
Del? the funky homosapien?
6/2/08 5:53:00AM
Very nice.
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