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5/2/08 6:27:30AM
This is part one of a two part interview. Check back tomorrow as we should have it ready for you then. Yo Bassito! You ready for the world’s greatest interview?

Rutten: You’re so ******* on the ******* minute man, I love you! Haha, thanks dog, I love you too. You ready to get started?

Rutten: Ready, ready! Alright cool. Well, how are you doing?

Rutten: I’m doing ******* phenomenal.
5/2/08 12:12:44PM
bas is awesome
5/2/08 1:14:27PM
I love listening to Bas on Inside MMA every friday
5/2/08 1:40:47PM
i dont think anyone doesnt know who bas is.. bas.. you're theman
5/2/08 4:31:47PM
Bas's word is the word of god
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