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7/14/08 11:27:18AM
New Josh Barnett write about leading to Affliction. Pretty good read..

My only issue is - they say he will probably be Fedor's toughest test if they ever do fight..

Tougher than Randy? Tougher than Arlovski?

Not sure I agree on that one..
7/14/08 12:21:54PM
He's a bad dude...I look forward to seeing more high level heavy weight match ups.
7/14/08 12:33:24PM
Josh (Quality HWs) is needed in the ufc-
7/14/08 12:56:58PM
UFC does indeed new HW... someone like Barnett would be a nice addition. Him and Nog rematch would be sweet.
7/14/08 2:26:10PM
Big time bad dude..

I will support him until the end.. he's a funny cat..
7/14/08 2:51:56PM
Barnett & Nog would own the HW division

i'd watch barnett fight Lesnar over & over again just to see how many fights it would take Lesnar to beat him

my guess......34
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