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7/5/07 7:35:15PM
From OTRefugees.com

How are you all
7/5/07 9:03:43PM
I live in the UK. Ive been watching MMA since December 05, first fight I saw was James Thompson vs Aleks Emelianenko.

I am awake at 2am because I've put A level biology coursework off for many weeks, and it's due in tomorrow before 12:30pm. I should be in bed within 3 hours
7/5/07 9:37:19PM
Welcome to the site man. Hope you enjoy yourself and have learn a few things.
7/5/07 9:42:05PM
I have many screen shots of trolling I do at Sherdog, I'll post them tomorrow. For now I'm saying goodbye to the internet to get my work done
7/5/07 9:54:26PM
anf fyi no invites please, im joining the fwi team
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