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6/21/07 11:18:04AM
hey everybody, new to the site but not to mma. love the sport and im very excited about what the future holds for mma. dont know how well im gonna do at picking but it should be fun.
6/21/07 4:38:40PM
hey man, i'm new here on the site too... not too good with picking winners but i know this will be a lot of fun... hope to see all of you guys around.
6/21/07 9:16:05PM
Good Luck to the both of you!
6/21/07 10:13:28PM
Welcome to mmaplayground

good luck and remember to have fun
6/21/07 11:03:00PM
Good Luck
6/22/07 12:00:36AM
Good site, glad to be apart of it, now I just need to show some people up with my picks =p
6/22/07 4:02:07PM
Hey all! New here too! I also know nothing about picking winners but looks like this will be fun!
6/22/07 4:35:12PM
Great to have you bro... this is a great place, enjoy it!
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