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8/14/11 9:37:31PM
What's up everyone? Just joined on the recommendation from BlueSkiesBurn, looking forward to shoot the sh*t, and crushing in the picks.
8/14/11 9:39:02PM
Word up, dude. Glad I could finally convince you to join.....New York piece of....
8/14/11 9:39:13PM
Welcome to The Playground! Watching the fights?
8/14/11 9:40:26PM
Of course!
8/14/11 9:41:36PM

Posted by FastKnockout

Welcome to The Playground! Watching the fights?

Yeah, he and I are Skyping it up while watching....I can't understand his ass, though.
8/14/11 9:48:48PM
Glad to have you here bro! Hey for all of you who don't know Dave here does a podcast on MMA with Blue and covers other sports on that site as well. If you want the link for it just send one of us three a pm and we will hook it up for sure. Now we just need to add him to the camp!!!
8/14/11 10:09:40PM
I've tuned in to the show before. Good stuff
8/21/11 3:47:13AM
The last recommendation I followed through on from BlueSkiesBurn gave me a deviated septum, felony charges, and oral herpes.

Just be careful bro.
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