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8/9/11 9:26:35PM
new here, checking it out and liking it. one question do they have an app for phones yet? if not some one should make one!
8/9/11 9:32:55PM
Welcome to The Playground! To answer your question, I don't there is an app. I could be mistaken, though. Now I have two questions for you.

Question 1: Whose your favorite fighter?

Question 2: Do you frequent any other MMA sites? (Sherdog, BloodyElbow, MMAJunkie, etc.)
8/9/11 9:48:46PM
No, there's no app. Maybe somewhere down the line. The best MMA fantasy site/forum on the web though. Welcome aboard!
8/10/11 8:15:26AM
^ What he said. No app currently but it's not being ruled out at some point down the line.

Welcome aboard. How'd you stumble upon the Playground?
8/10/11 10:46:07AM
Welcome to the playground, make sure you dip your feet in everything it has to offer, cause its all fun.
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