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12/26/10 10:43:55AM
Hi, I am Mike, MMA amateur fighter. I have been into grappling for 3 years now. Hoping to build friends and learn many things within this community.
12/26/10 11:36:37AM
Welcome to the playground, man. Its pretty addictive so kiss a chunk of your social life goodbye!
12/26/10 12:16:35PM
Welcome aboard!
12/26/10 3:31:52PM
WELCOME TO THE THUNDERDOME!!!!...............mike
12/26/10 5:09:44PM
Welcome! I'm kinda new too, haven't been around for too long. Hope you enjoy it here! Don't worry, this site actually has some intelligent fans, unlike some of the other MMA sites. *cough* Sherdog *cough*
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