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10/16/10 10:09:24AM
I'm new around these parts! My name is Tim and I'm 28 and live in Missouri. I just started training with a guy at work. He has been in a few amateur fights and done fairly decent. I have no martial arts background and I would consider myself as a "freestyle" or "street" fighter. I'm looking to gain a lot of knowledge from here and from him throughout my training.
10/17/10 12:42:00AM
Welcome. Good luck with the picks and wagers
10/17/10 4:34:27AM
Welcome to the thunderdome.
12/3/10 9:59:24PM
welcome good luck bro!!
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12/29/10 2:00:00AM
Hi I am DJ I am 12 I have alot of mma background What background did you do My profile name is DBockman I used to train at the gym were randy couture trained but then I moved
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