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8/29/09 4:37:07PM
Just found out about this site a few days ago, and I'm wondering why the hell I hadn't heard of it sooner! Site looks awesome, and things seem to stay pretty civil in these forums which is shocking. Looking forward to testing my fight picking ability, and wagering skills. If I do alright here Bodog probably isn't far behind.

Hoping Demian Maia pulls this fight out tonight even though it blows up my parlay, and one of my picks.

Any other Minnesotans here?
8/29/09 4:53:38PM

Good News: you've come to the right place.
Bad News: picks for 102 close in 5 minutes.

Good Luck!
8/29/09 5:00:51PM
I'm locked in. I hate picking someone I'm going to be rooting against, but I don't have real money on this, and the picks are just for pride, so whatever. I'll be picking Marquardt and pulling for Maia tonight.
8/29/09 5:45:58PM
Welcome to the greatest MMA related website on the world wide web bro!

and for what it's worth, i picked Nate, will be rooting for nate... that being said

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