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7/23/08 3:03:19PM
I've been hearing all this new info on UFC 89 like news as recent as today with jardine saying him and vera are fighting on UFC 89 but I havent heard anything on UFC 88 in awhile. UFC 88 is just as stacked with Chuck liddell, Evans, Franklin, Henderson, Karo fighting.

Has anyone heard anything bout UFC 88 recently
7/23/08 3:09:42PM
nothing except that they confirmed the fighters you have listed. Thats pretty much the whole televised card... so its just the prelims to come
7/23/08 3:37:34PM
It sucks that Liddell alone sold most of the tickets, now they can add crappy fights without worries, good names but horrible match ups they are counting on faces to sell PPVs not the actual fights, same story if they add Silva-Cote. I'm going to this event and I'm not a bit excited about it, only when i realize that I'll see Edith and Arianny
7/23/08 6:52:13PM
i love how ufc 89 has 12 fights and ufc 88 only has 7 with the silva vs cote being one of them which i doubt it will stay
the show i went to in july had 9
what's the deal??
can't every event just get the same number of fights
which should be 9 or 10
7/24/08 12:48:06AM
i would like to see okami vs leites
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