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7/9/08 5:45:37AM
I'm New here just wondering if anyone could kinda fill me in
that would be great thanks
7/9/08 6:10:03AM
Welcome aborad. This site is so much fun. There is an excellent thread at thte top of the Intro borad that has all the detils you need. Skim though it and you will find answers to most of your qusetions fairly quickly.
7/9/08 10:57:56AM
thats a lot of filling in
welcome this site is great
7/10/08 2:06:27AM
Best MMA site ever. Just have fun, alot of good info out there. For getting started I would suggest checking out the About/info tab. Otherwise I would keep you up all night talking about the site. No one wants that.
7/10/08 2:12:03AM
Another one representing Washington

Welcome have fun stay away from bobbydoomsomthin
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