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POLL: which fight gets added
A. Cacdac vs J. palacios 0% (0)
B. Stack vs C. Padhilla 35% (9)
Z. Bucia vs J. Rodriguez 8% (2)
K. Couture vs L. Kvokov 31% (8)
scrap the whole card 27% (7)
11/4/08 9:14:24PM
Okay with the Kim Couture fight added, and some people preferring a fight that will likely be televised on the card, we are reestablishing th epoll with that fight added.

Fights up for a vote

145 lbs. – 3X3 – Alvin Cacdac (4-4) vs. Jose Palacios (3-1)

155 lbs. – 3X3 – Bobby Stack (5-1) vs. Cyrillo Padilha (2-2)

155 lbs. – 3X3 – Zakary Bucia (0-1) vs. Jaime Rodriguez (0-0)

130 lbs. – 3X3 – Kim “Sugar Free” Couture (0-1) vs. Lina Kvokov (0-1)

11/4/08 9:17:06PM
I like to see Bobby Stack, he's a really talented guy
11/4/08 9:28:18PM
i'd like to see Bobby in it as well.
11/4/08 9:43:53PM
Wouldn't mind seeing Kim Couture get her azz handed to her (hopefully) but I'll roll with the pack on this one and go with Bobby.

WTF is with "Sugar Free" ? I kind of like it, actually.
11/4/08 10:58:40PM
Lets go with Bobby Stackin dollars
11/4/08 11:17:24PM
I go with Kim. Should be an easy 5+ points.
11/4/08 11:33:49PM
I kept my vote the same-Stack vs. Padilha.
11/5/08 1:08:23AM

Posted by DCRage

I kept my vote the same-Stack vs. Padilha.

As did i
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