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3/15/12 12:25:51AM
Yesterday, an attorney representing Nick Diaz formally challenged Nick's marijuana metabolites suspension by submitting a response to the Nevada State Athletic Commission. But it appears that the NSAC has already rebuked the defense by claiming Diaz lied on his pre-fight questionnaire

3/15/12 1:18:43AM
I posted the questionnaire in the last Diaz thread, should've created a new one. I'll just copy and paste my response here.

So now the attorney, while I had having the advantage in the case based on the metabolite being legal and out of competition use legal, now has a medical questionnaire that was lied on to argue around unless 8 days are not in the last two weeks. Things just tipped into the NSAC's favor. Diaz also states that his last fight was in October 2012 which is in the future though. I believe the case should be about the questionnaire that was inaccurate though, as an inaccurate response on a questionnaire does not = you had "in competition" use (unless your THC levels were over 50 and obviously they weren't if at this point nothing has come out about it). Too many gray areas surrounding "in competition" versus "out of competition" use for my liking. They just determine what is or isn't based on if they want to win a case. And that's what this will unfortunately come down to. They'll play connect the dots in the wrong order and end up with a ruling that looks like a Picasso and they'll claim it's a photograph.

I'm not an attorney, but I imagine the smart response is to say it was filled out inaccurately but immediately get back to the usage being "out of competition" as an inaccurate questionnaire doesn't prove anything relating to in competition use unless the NSAC considers twto weeks "in competition" but they've never ruled a suspension like this for anyone who wasn't over the limit that they deemed high "at the time of the fight".
3/15/12 8:32:36AM
Did he really lie, or just forget.....mary jane does have some effect on short term memory.